Webinar Training for Student Employment Professionals 

Webinars are delivered online so that you can access the virtual training in the comfort of your own office or other location.  Saving your institution time and money!

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Space is limited to the first 65 paid registrants
NSEA Membership is not required

Cost per webinar:
$39.00 non-member
$35.00 member
Package deal of 6 webinars (including recordings of those that have already taken place) is:
$180 non-member
$140 member

Making the Most of National Student Employment Week

Presented by: Jenna Corcoran; Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis

Making the most of your student employment appreciation week will outline three key traits that help facilitate a successful week.  First, start by thinking of the goals you want to accomplish during NSEA Week.  Once you have done this you will be ready to engage the right collaborations necessary to help you work to accomplish your goals, develop a successful marketing plan to outreach to your campus community as well as develop engaging social media pieces to highlight the week for student employees!  The three areas this webinar will cover include:  Collaborations, marketing, and social media.  We will dive into each of these areas to help you get your NSEA Week planning off to a great start!

January 24, 2018 | 2:00 ET

Best Practices: W-4 & I-9. Work Hard, Work Smart, Have Fun!

Presented By: Whitney Neal; High Point University

Whitney’s background prior to HPU includes 10 years with  a Fortune 500 payroll provider, specializing in payroll, benefits, taxes and leave management, and 2 years in the financial industry as the Payroll/Benefits manager.  Her knowledge of on-boarding, taxes and other HR aspects will be shared in the webinar.  Topics will include domestic and international practices.

TBA | 2:00 ET -  Will be rescheduled for those that registered/canceled due to personal conflict

How to Use Social Media to Engage with Your Campus

This webinar will showcase the efforts of Student Employment at IUPUI to implement a social media plan that would engage the campus community.  We will walk through a few key steps to building a successful social media plan, tips to building and/or rebuilding your following, and showcase some examples of our successful social media campaigns and the impact they had across our campus.  Our social media presence would not be possible without our student employees, we will spend some time outlining how to engage student employees to help manage the social media platforms on a day to day basis.  Lastly, we will showcase 2 technology systems that we use to streamline and organize the creative process and the posting process.

Presented by: Jenna Corcoran; Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis

May 23, 2018 | 2:00 ET

Training Student Employee Supervisors *

Presented by: Christine Shaffer, Washington & Jefferson College

Student employees are an important component of a college/university's labor force.  Supervisors are key in assisting students in becoming productive, effective and professional in the performance of their work and tasks. Often times it falls to the Student Employment Professionals to assist, create or conduct supervision training on our campuses. Where do we as professionals begin? How can we come together to learn from others and spark our own creativity in this area? Chris will share creative and effective techniques of training supervisors that she uses at Washington and Jefferson. 

August 1, 2018 | 2:00 ET

Best Practices: JLD and Federal Work Study

We will explore the basics of JLD as part of FWS, to maintain compliance, make it less confusing.  Additionally, the basics of the federal work study program will be covered for you to think about your institution's compliance.  Informational resources and tips from veterans will be shared.  This is a great refresher for veterans or a quick peek into the vast areas of JLD as part of the FWS program for those that haven't made it to a Student Employment Essentials (SEE) Training yet.

Presented by Lynn Hoehn; Owens Community College

October 2, 2018 | 2:00 ET

Best Practices: Community Service Programs

This webinar will focus on the community service requirement of work study funding.  In addition to covering the regulation requirements, we will look at innovative ideas for meeting those requirements.  Allowing students to participate in the community service component can improve civic awareness, build unique skill sets, and serve community needs.  Missouri State University has taken a unique approach for community service over the past 20 years.  Their program has proven invaluable for the students participating, non-profits being served, and the university community as a whole.  Join this webinar to develop a new and improved community service program at your college or university. 

Presented by Cheryl Combs; Missouri State University

November 14, 2018 | 2:00 ET

  * This webinar satisfies one (1) Above & Beyond session requirement.  Please be advised that you many only use two (2) webinars to satisfy the six (6) Above & Beyond session requirement.

Student Employment Webinars Cancellation Policy

Webinars that are rescheduled for a different date and/or time will not be refunded, but may be transferred to another individual of the same membership status or, if recorded, a link to the recorded webinar can be provided upon request. To request a link to the webinar contact the Chair for Training & Development.

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