National Student Employee of the Year Award 

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What is SEOTY?
Each spring, NSEA coordinates a selection process and chooses the National Student Employee of the Year (SEOTY) to recognize the outstanding contributions and achievements of students who work while attending college.

The process begins with the campus supervisors nominating outstanding studente employees at the institutional level. Nominations then move on the state, regional, and national level. The four regions run regional SEOTY competitions according to their requirements concerning membership. Only nominations from NSEA member schools may have their student workers advance to the national competition. From the four regional winners whose schools have a NSEA membership, NSEA will choose a National Student Employee of the Year. The National SEOTY award winner receives a $500 cash award! The NSEA President or a designated representative from the NSEA Board will visit the national winner's campus to present the award.

Each region sets its own eligibility criteria for student nominees, which generally call for some minimum length of employment, possibly a minimum GPA, and possibly a minimum number of hours per week the student must be working. Generally student workers may be classified as "regular Work-Study", institutional hourly wage, or even Co-op students to be nominated.

Attention Regions

Click on the links below for examples of past national Student Employee of the Year submissions. This may be helpful to you in establishing your regional criteria and selection process.

2020 Timetable

by December 1, 2019 Regional Coordinators distribute announcement and application materials to their members and NSEA members in their region.
February 15, 2020 SEOTY nominations are due to the campus Student Employment office.
March 2, 2020 Notifications of campus winners are due to Regional SEOTY Coordinators.
March 20, 2020 Regional SEOTY Coordinators submit their regional winner to the NSEA VP of Administrative Services.
March 23 - March 27, 2020 National Student Employee of the Year is selected and winner's school is notified by the NSEA President.
April 12 - April 18, 2020 National Student Employment Week observed.
National SEOTY winner announced and runner-up finalists notified.
National SEOTY award is presented at winner's campus.
  • Call for nominations - publicize the competition widely, put it in your campus newspaper, send flyers to all departments, announce on your campus homepage and any departmental listserv.
  • Selection committee - be certain it's more than just faculty and administrators. Include clerical staff and one or two students (undergrad or grad). The committee should total an odd number to avoid ties when voting (five, seven, or nine members is recommended).
  • Promote the competition by posting pictures of nominees around campus as they are received, put articles in campus paper, on homepage, and listserv.
  • Selection criteria - have some mechanism to consider all students equally and not give too much consideration to complex job descriptions or longevity of service.
  • Award presentation - have a meal function with top administrators, students' families, and students' supervisors, even local and state legislators present. Allow time for pictures of all nominees with school president (or whoever is presenting). Be sure to invite media (print and broadcast) to cover the event. Have state government issue a proclamation.
  • Prizes - arrange for cash scholarship, tuition waiver, or bookstore certificate for winner. Have trophies, plaques, or certificates for all nominees.
  • Hold your recognition event during National Student Employment Week


Mary Young, Project Lead for National Student Employee of the Year

Federal Work-Study Coordinator | Student Financial Services
Southern New Hampshire University
2500 N River Road
Manchester, NH 03106
Phone: (603) 626-9100 ext. 2572
Email: [email protected]