NSEA Sponsored Research Grant Program 

The NSEA Sponsored Research Grant Program is intended to stimulate research in the field of student employment and to increase understanding of the characteristics, implications, and outcomes of the student employment experience. The program provides funding to support research in related areas such as student financial aid, career services, human resources, community service, cooperative education and student development, with priority given to projects that directly evaluate student employment.  Many research proposals are a result of presentations topics from regional or national conferences.  Proposals are accepted year-round.

NSEA seeks researchers who will explore issues such as the individual student in employment situations; student employment as an institutional operational program; student work from the employer's perspective.  Topics may include:

  • Why do students work, which students work and how much do they work and what types of jobs do they hold
  • The effect of work on academic achievement, the student's value system, or vocational interests both before and after graduation
  • What types of career counseling best assist students
  • Does on-campus employment impact student persistence and success in college
  • Is there a difference in educational attainment between students engaged in on-campus versus off-campus employment
  • How student employment contributes to the maturity and motivation of college students and how a student evaluates work experience at various grade levels and after graduation
  • Optimum work and academic course loads for students and methods that can be used to evaluate work skills, abilities, and attitudes
  • Should institutional jobs should be set aside for the students and what range of responsibility can be assumed by students
  • Relationship between student employees and full-time employees to the overall employment operation
  • Student employment to other forms of financial aid
  • Are student employees an institutional asset or liability
  • Training programs for student employees and/or supervisors of student employees
  • The impact of students' part-time work experience on their marketability for future full-time employment
  • Value or weight employers place on undergraduate work experience in hiring decisions for recent graduates
  • The difference in employers' perceptions between on-campus and off-campus work experience
  • Workplace factors that contribute to student retention
Application Requirements and Instructions