President of AHEAD
Association on Higher Education and Disability
Assistant Vice President 
Campus Life
The University of Arizona

Dr. Amanda Kraus has spent her career in student affairs and disability resources at the University of Arizona whose Disability Resource Center is considered an international model of progressive service delivery, uniquely positioned to approach campus access proactively and systemically. Across her research, teaching and practice, Dr. Kraus draws upon disability studies, universal design, and social justice principles to challenge the dominant deficit or tragedy narrative on disability to increase equity in higher education and ultimately reframe concepts of difference. Dr. Kraus has served on the Association of Higher Education and Disability (AHEAD) Board of Directors for several years and is currently President.  She regularly travels around the United States and abroad and has had the privilege of working with campuses such as Singapore Management University, Duke University, and Wake Forest University, as well as with the Department of State and the National Collegiate Athletics Association (NCAA). Outside of work, Dr. Kraus is an avid wheelchair tennis player and has worked with the United States Tennis Association to grow opportunities for disabled players and increase the national visibility of the sport. Originally from the suburbs of New York City, Dr. Kraus lives in Tucson, AZ and earned her M.A. and Ph.D. at the University of Arizona in Higher Education.



Re/Framing Disability: Implications for Student Employment

Student employment is critical to retention and persistence in college and beyond, but how inclusive are these opportunities to students with disabilities?  People with disabilities are consistently un- and underemployed as compared to their non-disabled counterparts.  Higher education professionals have the opportunity to model best practices for inclusive employment and retention of disabled employees.  This keynote will discuss ways to consider disability outside of basic access and accommodations and discuss how to design more inclusive and accessible opportunities for student employment, including implications for supervisors and how to represent disability across our efforts.

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