Conference Keynote Speaker for 2018 - Milwaukee, WI

After Millennials:  
After two decades of recruiting and enrolling Millennials (and their Baby Boomer parents) this presentation raises the importance of learning about and understanding the seismic generational shift happening on college campuses as post-9/11 Homeland/GenZ and their GenerationX parents are now the target audience. It provides historic background on American generations and key insights into understanding and connecting with this new student/parent cohort and provides added value for helping understand generational differences in the workplace as more Millennials are in the ranks of staff and faculty.

Jeff Kallay

Speaker Bio:

Jeff Kallay always asks the big questions and will challenge clients with, “Why…?”

Born in Pittsburgh, raised in Florida, Jeff’s innovative campus visit work has been featured on the cover of the Chronicle of Higher Education, in the national section of the New York Times, in University Business Magazine, Inside Higher Ed, and several other leading industry publications.

He is an extremely popular speaker at conferences and workshops around the country, and has become the nationally respected authority on the emerging “experience economy” and the all-important campus visit experience. He’s known for his booming voice and boisterous attitude.

Prior to cofounding Render Experiences (formerly TargetX Campus Visit Consulting), he spent six years at TargetX launching and expanding the consulting division to more than hundreds of campus visit clients.

On average, he hits six campuses a month, thrives on helping colleges and universities find their DNA, and then create campus visit experiences that connect to hearts, minds, and spirits.

Additionally, Jeff studies and presents about American generations with particular expertise on the current youth generation, the Homeland/GenZ and their GenX parents. He helps colleges and organizations understand generational differences and how to best connect with each unique peer group.

Influenced by James Gilmore and Joseph Pine, authors of the groundbreaking book, The Experience Economy — Work is Theatre and Every Business a Stage, published by Harvard Business School Press, Jeff researches, writes and lectures on the topic. He’s a proud recipient of Pine & Gilmore’s Experience Management Achievement award for his innovative campus visit consulting work.

He’s a graduate of Lee University (College) in Cleveland, TN. He started his admission career as their first non-singing recruiter at Lee. Jeff is an avid reader, loves Sci-fi and Zombie genres and is a passionate Gators and Steelers football fan.

According to Strengths Finder 2.0 his strengths are: Activator, Achiever, Input, Maximizer and Learner