NSEA Research Grant

Budget Guidelines

Funding guidelines are the sole purview of the NSEA Research Committee. The following guidelines are designed to help you construct a budget.

Grants are intended to assist recipients in covering the direct cost of the research effort, including printing, postage, statistical analysis, and preparation of papers and reports. A portion of the budget may be used for a research assistant/clerical help.

All travel requests and other budget requests that are not self-explanatory must be accompanied by a written explanation.

Costs that may be eligible for funding are:

  • Travel -- all travel must be relevant to the research project. Budget requests may not include travel to the annual NSEA Conference. Travel expenses are expected to be at the lowest rate(s) possible.
  • Printed or recorded material pertinent to the research project (e.g., books, journals, electronic media, etc.).
  • Reproducing research materials.
  • Expendable supplies and tools.
  • Computer expenses (e.g., computer time, software).
  • Library searches and other research support.
  • Survey tool development costs.
  • Telephone, postage, printing, etc.
  • Typing and data input costs.
  • Monetary support for a research assistant/clerical help in the form of a stipend or salary: such requests may only constitute a portion of the total budget.

Please state your budget items in order of importance to your project. If the project will be supported in part by other sources, please include a Statement of Additional Support.

These guidelines are not exhaustive. Please feel free to include other expenses pertaining to your project.